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Who We Are Located in El Mirage, Arizona, Locksmith El Mirage is operated by professional locksmiths with high expertise on installation, replacement, and repair of locking devices for doors, windows, garages, among others. With twenty years in the field, we have developed a close relationship with our community and strived to become a positive force for the people around us, providing an enhanced level of security and peace of mind. What we seek El Mirage’s crime rate is on the rise. According to FBI data, our city holds a criminal activity higher than 73% of the other cities and towns in Arizona. When it comes to property crimes, the risk of becoming a victim is considerably higher. Our mission as a company is to make El Mirage a safer place. We want to provide our people with the tools to protect themselves against property crimes like burglary and larceny. Our History Locksmith El Mirage’s founder, Anthony C. Villar, arrived in El Mirage right after it finally became and incorporated location in 1951. El Mirage underwent an explosive transformation, abandoning the agricultural paradigms and gaining suburban status. Anthony capitalized the city’s small town feeling, affordable housing and proximity to Phoenix, to start his security business. His timing couldn’t be better, as young families, businesspersons and retirees began to arrive, boosting the city’s development. In 1960, he opened the first official location after working a few years as an independent locksmith. The place was small, but it counted with high-quality tools, a vehicle, and a good reputation. During the 70’s and 80’s the business grew substantially with the incorporation of new technicians and the achievement of relevant certifications. In 1973 we opened an agency in the Agua Fria Neighborhood and acquired two more trucks to cover the entire city with reduced response times. In the mid 80’s thanks to the advent of closed circuit television and other surveillance devices, home and business security changed forever. We adapted our business accordingly and started to include these new technological advances to our offers. In the early 90’s, retail expansion in the city proved to be a strong economic driver thanks to its enormous potential for generating tax incomes, attracting more residents and creating jobs. Those years, Locksmith El Mirage developed his commercial services to offer a top notch security framework for the arriving entrepreneurs. Locksmith El Mirage: Present and Future Today, our beautiful city holds more than 33 thousand people. In a thriving suburban community like this, security is a must, and we are committed to providing the best deals and options for you to protect your premises and precious belongings. Locksmith El Mirage envisions a bright future focused on high-tech security. We are eager to involve sophisticated devices and solutions to increase your control over the access to your belongings and property. But above everything else, we will keep our spirit and values to always be the locksmith service our clients deserve.
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